Hey, guys!

Been a while but I really felt like posting. We just had an amazingly memorable night as a band. An opener for Sliding Glass was unable to make a show at Be Here Now in Muncie, IN. While practicing for our gig today, they called up a friend, Collin, and asked him to play as an opener. And the amazing part is that Collin actually asked us to go on instead! So there we had it. Our first last-minute gig (notified roughly two hours before getting to Be Here Now). Every band was fantastic and we all just had an amazing night. Also, a Muncie radio station was there and wanted to record us and mix the set. Our second show was being recorded for radio! Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to get Michael Rosswurm from Lafayette to Muncie. If you are seeing our show today, do not despair. He will be in his rightful place, playing with us tonight.

Check out the bands we played with:

⁃ Sliding Glass

⁃ Dino Launch Committee

Chris Golab

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