First Practice!

Hey, guys!

Shoot Down the Sun had its first ever practice yesterday and it was awesome! I had so much fun working with these guys for the first time. Marisa and I got there a little early to help Michael set up the PA and bring parts of Sam’s drum kit to the basement. Then Michael and Sam met for the first time and were immediately cracking jokes and talking like they’d known each other for as long as I’d known Michael.

 Speaking of Michael, it was really nice to jam with him again. For those who don’t know much about Michael and I’s history, we went to the same school all of our lives until high school and used to play in a band together called Secret Weapon. That band lasted around 5 years and ended when we all left for college. Luckily, Michael and I still kept in contact every now and then.

 I hardly knew Sam going into this practice. We’d had a long conversation in the dorm room of one of our mutual friends one time and texted about the band back and forth, but never really knew each other before that. He’s a great drummer and his positivity is contagious!

 Marisa was also very excited about this practice. She did really well, especially considering that she’s never been in a rock band before this. It was really fun to play the song she wrote tonight and I’m looking forward to her writing more.

 Overall, I have high hopes for the direction this band is headed already!


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