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“Miss You (Acoustic)” on YouTube

What the Heck is SDS?

Shoot Down the Sun is a post-punk rock group from Muncie, made up of members from all around Indiana. We write our own original music and lyrics that have been compared to pop punk from the 90s with a twist. We’ve played live at multiple house-shows, venues, and festivals. We also have our music on every streaming platform and online music store.

Okay, so who are you people? 

Shoot Down the Sun was originally formed by Christopher Golab and Marisa Jenkins, who met at Ball State University. It was created for a music production class for a project, but after the class was over, Marisa and Chris decided they would continue it as a real band. Chris attended high school with Michael Shirley and, although they rarely interacted, Chris had heard great things about Shirley’s guitar playing. Marisa and Chris ran into him by chance at BSU and they asked him to join. Evan Humphrey and Marisa met in a book-binding and print shop maker-space.

Left to right: Michael Shirley, Christopher Golab, Marisa Jenkins, Evan Humphrey
  • Drums: Evan Humphrey
  • Electric Bass: Christopher Golab
  • Lead Guitar: Michael Shirley
  • Synths and Keys: Marisa Jenkins
  • Vocals: Chris and Marisa

Cool. So what are you guys doing now?

Shoot Down the Sun is currently practicing every week and looking for new places to share our music. SDS makes an effort to keep up with social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandsintown. We released our first Christmas single in 2018. Since, we have released 3 more singles, 2 acoustic. We are also starting to record our first major work which we will release to all of the popular streaming platforms and online stores! Finally, we are always looking for new ways to enhance our sound and have fun! For more continuous updates, see our blog!

Contact us if you’d like us to play at your next event!

Shoot Down the Sun